Feminist Favorites

We don’t often shed light onto who is actually behind Faces of Feminism. In fact, the ‘about’ page of our website is the only place we talk about ourselves, so we thought we would start a monthly practice of sharing our feminist favorites. Our favorites are unconventional, but are items ranging from podcasts to movies to brands to Instagram accounts that lift up other humans!

Callan’s Favorites

1. Brown People Camping Instagram and website

This is an Instagram page and website run by Ambreen Tariq, a South Asian Muslim American woman. Her goal is to “diversify public lands and the outdoors.” I love this movement because many white people don’t realize that the outdoors, though seemingly free to everyone, have been inaccessible to many People of Color and other marginalized communities for some time now. The stereotype of a hiker or backpacker is typically white, able-bodied, straight, cis, male space, but that’s what Ambreen is trying to change. 

Read more about the movement here: https://www.rei.com/blog/camp/i-would-but-i-am-the-only-person-of-color

2. Real Queer America 

In this book, author Samantha Allen takes a road trip through ‘red’ states across the country and talks to the queer communities there. She feels it’s important to tell the stories of queer people in these states because they make up about half of the queer population in the U.S, yet they are typically ignored in media. As a binary, cis woman, I learned a great deal from this book. I particularly like the book because Samantha weaves her own story into the stories of those she meets. Samantha came out as trans in a predominantly mormon community and has since lived in multiple red states. Although she has left the Mormon church, she expresses that she has undying love for these southern and western states.

3. Sex Education

Sex Education is a relatively new Netflix show about a group of teens who are learning to navigate their sexuality. This show is unique because it discusses a large range of sexualities and proclivities. It also prioritizes female pleasure, instead of simply portraying womxn as objects of sex. Although I would not advise going to this show as your main, or first, source of Sex Ed, I think it certainly fills in gaps that many people are missing from the Sex Ed they received in school.

Olivia’s Favorites

1.MTV Decoded Snapchat Series

In a surprise twist of events, I found one of my new favorite ways to get educated on Snapchat. MTV’s series with Francesca Ramsey is funny, relatable, and understandable for the youger generation. Covering topics like why gendered pronouns are important to the importance of immigration in the US, Decoded offers a great and fast resource for those who are rushing out the door, but still want to learn a little as they go.

2. Gen Z Girl Gang

This Instagram page for younger Gen Z womxn is all about redefining sisterhood in this new generation. Founded by Deja Foxx, an 18-year-old powerhouse activist, the account aims to educate, learn, and bridge generational gaps through activism. Also, everyone who follows can feel involved with the weekly livestreams and opportunities to ask questions to amazing womxn on their Instagram story. Need a new follow? I highly recommend @genzgirlgang!

3. The Series

The Series is a gender-less and season-less clothing line handmade in New York. The Series is all about creating pieces that are for every body, but can be worn differently on every body. Every piece is created from renewed or already existing pieces, giving it the all-important sustainability factor. Also, they showcase their clothes on diverse bodies of different types, skin tone, ability, and gender identities. With a timeless, yet vintage feel, the prominently denim pieces are statement pieces like no other.

We hope you enjoyed our favorites and found new and exciting ways to extend your feminism for May! Feel free to DM us on Instagram with some of your favorites 🙂