Feminist Favorites

We don’t often shed light onto who is actually behind Faces of Feminism. In fact, the ‘about’ page of our website is the only place we talk about ourselves, so we thought we would start a monthly practice of sharing our feminist favorites. These are items ranging from podcasts to movies to brands to Instagram accounts.

Callan’s Favorites

Women Who Run with the Wolves

This iconic piece of feminist lit by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés is a must read. Although it is aimed at women, I would argue it is a good read no matter your gender or identity. It explores the “wild woman” archetype and encourages understanding oneself. Dr. Estés explains societies tendency through history to take away the power and autonomy of women and femmes.


Knock Down the House on Netflix

This Netflix original film follows 4 women as they run for office around the country. Not only does this movie give a peak into the life of the ever popular Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, but it also introduces Amy Vilela, Cory Bush, and Paula Jean Swearingen. Each candidate has a completely unique perspective, insight, and platform, so this film is not only inspiring but also educational.

“How Non-Indigenous Activists Can Support Indigenous People”

This article from BGD is written by Kai Minosh, an indigenous activist. Kai highlights the ways in which people can be better allies to the indigenous community. They first tell us to educate ourselves and unlearn the stereotypes you likely learned in school. They then emphasize the fact that indigenous people are often left out of the conversation of land use and are not given the space to speak. 

Olivia’s Favorites

Middle Ground by Jubilee

Middle Ground is a video series on YouTube produced by the powerful media company, Jubilee. It showcases a discussion between 6 diverse peoples on two different sides of relevant arguments in today’s age. Past video topics include: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice, Immigrants vs. Border Patrol, and Atheists vs. Christians. The discussions shown throughout the videos opens up the mind of the viewer and encourages discussion.

Ericka Hart on Instagram

Ericka Hart is a sex educator and a racial, social, and gender justice advocate/writer with their main platform being Instagram (@ihartericka). They speak on specific issues such as cancel culture, anti-racism, and the nonconformity of gender on their feed and their Instagram stories. Not to mention, they have entertaining Instagram stories of their new puppy and give speeches at schools and universities around the United States.