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By Olivia Bokesch

Happy Womxn’s Equality Day! Womxn’s Equality Day was created to commemorate the ratification of the 19th Amendment which granted all women the right to vote. This occurred in 1920, however it is important to remember that although African-American womxn played a large role in gaining this ratification, many POC did not get the right to vote until 1965. Likewise, indigenous women did not gain the full right to vote in America until well after the 19th Amendment was ratified.

Today, Womxn’s Equality Day serves as a great reminder that although strides have been made in terms of gender equality, the fight is constantly evolving and there are always more rights to fight for.  This is exactly what the feminism movement is all about, equality and equity for womxn and all genders. That’s why we are spotlighting many of the feminists within our Faces of Feminism community in today’s equality day post.

Keep reading for tips, personal stories, and a shareable/savable infographic on how to easily get involved in the fight for equality! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @facesofeminism for daily feminist content 😊


“Support each other” –Tania

“You can start by supporting and empowering women around you at work and socially” –Rachele (she/her):

“Speak up when someone says something ignorant!!! Call them out but know your facts.” –Cameron (she/her):

“Even just letting your friends know what’s going on. Learn to have difficult conversations” –Beki

“Respectfully call out people in their misogyny, microagressions, etc.!” –Carolina (she/her)

“Start conversations, spread awareness and do things in your own capacity.” –Imaan (she/her)

“Just start. Find something you care about and contact an org about how you can help!!” –Lydia (she/her)

“I’d say start with figuring out which issues are most important to you and focusing on them. I get the want to solve every problem, but it’s incredibly hard.” “Staying updated on global affairs and then finding ways in which you can help solve them wither within your area or in another one.” –Adria (she/her)

“If you are cis put your pronouns in your bio, email signature, when you introduce yourself!” –Miles (he/him):

“Contacting senators and reps and joining different coalitions.” –Yamira (she/her)


“Ways that I’m [an] activist in my community is by being an officer of my school’s Women Empowered club. We encourage discussions about intersectionality, social injustices, and women’s legislation. We also tey to make sure that everyone in our community has access to free menstrual products in the bathrooms and host women’s day events. We also do volunteer work. This year at Art Basel we volunteered ar an artist’s installation meant to advocate for women who are victims of sex trafficking. Furthermore, I participate in my community’s REAL talks where we get into topics that are deep such as Black Lives Matter, abortion, gun laws, and cultural appreciation vs. appropriation. Through these conversions we are able to share all our view points and educate others.” –Dani (she/her)

“I work on my podcast to educate people about sex-Ed and other feminist issues.” –Natalie @natalie.goldberg

“I am always talking about feminism and equality with everyone, telling people facts and figures that maybe they haven’t heard before. People don’t always realize the need for the feminist movement in 2019, so I try to educate everyone.” –Lexie (she/her)

“I am part of the San Diego chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women), sharing and boosting the signal for as many POC posts as possible. Small, but each share helps. Making sure to really read feminist accounts’ posts instead of like and scroll past. Making sure that when I’m entering a WOC space that I’m listening and not centering myself. Keep my white fragility in check so I can hear critiques and continue to grow.” -Kate (she/they)

“I support small, women-owned businesses and donate to OXFAM monthly.” –Brigette (she/her)

“Youth Strike 4 Climate” –Edie (she/her)

As you can see, activism isn’t solely focused on one outcome, but is rather an all-inclusive collection of efforts to acheive equality and equity for all! Happy Womxn’s Equality Day and enjoy the free activism infographic below. Share it on your social media and tag us, @facesofeminism!