Here at Faces of Feminism, we show that feminism isn't an exclusive, man-hating movement, but rather an inclusive and intersectional movement made to find justice for different types of people around the globe.   Through our site, we inspire and empower people to go out and unashamedly call themselves a feminist.  We are here to give the resources and knowledge necessary to become the confident and active feminist this world needs.   We believe anyone and everyone should fight for what is right as a feminist, and, ultimately, as an activist.


ABOUT Olivia

Olivia Bokesch is a proud feminist and co-founder of Faces of Feminism.  She first began to dig into what it meant to be a feminist after seeing all the powerful speeches and photos from the 2017 Women's March, and has been set on making a difference ever since.  When she's not spreading awareness on important topics, she's either working on her fashion and lifestyle blog, Absolutely Olivia, hanging out with her sister, or admiring her Barack Obama popsocket ;)


ABOUT Callan

Callan Burton-Shore is an intersectional feminist who has a passion for justice. She was inspired to start Faces of Feminism after seeing and hearing too many people dismiss feminism, but she knew she couldn’t take on this project alone, so she asked fellow blogger and feminist friend Olivia to help. Callan loves incorporating her art with activism, riding her horse, and volunteering at a center for refugees.